Buntrock Resources

Buntrock provides a number of resources for investment casting professionals, including a number of white papers and articles, as well as a slurry adjustment tool to help keep track of slurry development.

The Buntrock Industries Laboratory is optimized to test slurry mixtures and provide timely diagnostic advice on a range of issues. However, we also provide the tools and procedures necessary to run these tests independently. Download our Laboratory Testing Procedures binder for detailed instructions on 17 different tests.

Download Laboratory Testing Procedures binder

Buntrock laboratory testing procedures

Slurry Adjustment Tool

Buntrock’s Slurry Adjustment Tool simplifies slurry development and troubleshooting by providing a simple form to input all variables. The tool then generates percentages and benchmark figures to measure the slurry’s composition.

Download the Slurry Adjustment Tool here

Slurry Adjustment Tool - thumb