Key Factors for Shell Making Success

There are many aspects to ensuring success in the shell room: Materials, Equipment, Procedures, Training, and Management. One of the most important aspects is process control. I think the 80/20 rule holds for success in the shell area. Twenty percent of success is determined by Materials, Equipment, and Procedures and Eighty percent of success comes from being consistent. While an emphasis must be placed on process control, there are several key process items that are worth reviewing for possible adjustment of the shell process.

Wax Cleaning: The wax tree needs to be cleaned to remove oils, dirt and wax chips. The current norm is to use some type of Citrus based cleaner. Citrus cleaners have replaced chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents due to environmental issues. Usually these cleaning and rinse tanks are not maintained well in terms of cleanliness or concentration of the active ingredient, d-limonene. D-limonene is also a VOC (volatile organic compound) that is potentially subject to State and Federal regulations. At a minimum, keeping the tanks clean by continuous filtering and flushing is good practice.

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