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Our in-house experts are extensively trained on every machine we offer, and we are happy to transfer our knowledge to your team. Our staff will also be your first contact if the need for maintenance, troubleshooting or repair ever arises. With Buntrock, you never have to worry about long wait times or inadequate customer service, because we gladly take on those responsibilities for every supplier we represent.

Learn about Buntrock’s investment casting equipment offerings below. Contact us with any questions, or to start a new order.

Wax Room

From wax prep to injection equipment, we provide a full range of wax-room products to fill the needs of any size investment casting operation. Click each category below for more information, or contact us for a free consultation

Through our network of high-quality vendors, Buntrock offers the most sophisticated wax injection machines in the industry. The equipment in our catalog is capable of generating very high casting yields and producing more patterns per hour than other available systems.

Our wax injection equipment offers intuitive control systems, including Windows-based touch screens. Through intelligent systems that maintain a constant wax viscosity, we can help you produce consistent wax patterns. Die changing is also optimized with the equipment we offer, allowing rapid die changes. 

For investment casting facilities seeking greater automation, our equipment catalog also includes automated injection cells. These allow you to automate pattern and core making for simple or highly complex parts.

Buntrock provides ceramic injection equipment engineered to produce ceramic cores, ceramic parts and Metal Injection Molding (MIM) patterns. We feature equipment offering easy maintenance, fast changeovers and precise temperature controls.

A wide range of options are available to figure your ceramic injection setup, and Buntrock’s expert staff are prepared to help determine the configuration that will meet your needs and optimize your throughput.

Paste upgrade equipment allows investment casting facilities to improve the process control of existing wax injection machines by converting any wax injection machine from liquid to paste. This upgrade increases wax pattern productivity by an average of 100%.

Wax rooms often utilize more than two waxes, which can lead to complications and ultimately production downtime. As a solution, Buntrock offers our customers removable wax-conditioning reservoirs and docking stations. These systems can dramatically improve productivity by allowing your facility to condition two waxes simultaneously.

The process vision graphing units offered by Buntrock duplicate injection processes between one wax injector and another. They measure, record and display wax flow, temperature and pressure in order to help your operators achieve pattern-to-pattern repeatability.

Buntrock offers a range of wax melters that help investment casting facilities control both wax melt temperature and wax melt rate. This process can be automated by continually refilling the conditioning reservoir with source wax in response to changing parameters. This equipment is fundamental to allowing pattern-to-pattern repeatability.

Shell Room

Our shell room products are designed to help investment casting facilities mix the perfect slurries, diagnose issues internally and maintain an optimal manufacturing environment. Click each category below for more information, or contact us for a free consultation.

The Buntrock slurry test kit is designed to monitor slurries quickly and accurately to ensure proper control. The kit includes procedural outlines for measuring specific gravity.

Another tool in our arsenal is the Nametre viscometer, which rapidly measures viscosity with extreme accuracy. A vibrating sphere or cylinder is placed in a beaker containing the sample liquid; a viscosity measurement is taken in seconds. A wide range of viscosity can be measured from water-thin liquids to oils or liquid pattern waxes. The instrument automatically corrects for density and temperature.

Buntrock uses the same viscometer in our own laboratory; it is so accurate and sensitive that we can measure the change in viscosity as colloidal silica ages in a closed drum.

We offer a wide variety of robots and automation systems. Models include articulated robots, heavy and ultra-heavy capacity robots, and specific robots designed for the shell building process. Shell building robots are especially suited for heavy loads, up to 1500 lbs/ 675 kg.

Buntrock provides customers with a full spectrum of mixing equipment. Rotating slurry mixers in the Buntrock catalog have capacities between 30 and 800 gallons. These mixers are made of 304 stainless, and are welded to be water tight. Tanks are bolted to turntables for easy removal. Rotation speed is 30RPM, with L-shaped mixing blades.

We also offer mixing tanks made of custom molded fiberglass using spray or vacuum lay-up techniques. They are sized from 50 gallons to 340 gallons and can be purchased with stands.

Buntrock offers fluidizers built to your specifications, allowing your investment casting facility to perfectly fluidize nearly any sand type.

We also help our customers integrate drum sanders, which can be designed to fit your sand specs as well. All sanders in the Buntrock catalog provide dense and uniform sand distribution over a large area to ensure fast stuccoing; automatic, continuous sand cleaning; rugged design; and simple operation.


Dewaxing is a key step in the investment casting process, and we offer a range of equipment to ensure smooth integration with your existing systems. Click each category below for more information, or contact us for a free consultation

Steam autoclaves come in multiple standard sizes, and custom sizes can also be ordered if needed. Heating time depends on autoclave type and the connected load, but our equipment is capable of a single heating time of only 30 minutes, with pressure compensation of <3 seconds. Process vessels are capable of fast pressure generation, up to 10 bar, in order to ensure that the surface wax will melt before underlying layers are able to expand.

Dewax furnaces offered by Buntrock include a range of size, heating and temperature options.

Boilers on offer through Buntrock are sized for rapid pressurization of autoclaves (<6 seconds).


From melting to pouring, the foundry is one place in an investment casting facility where equipment makes a huge difference. Buntrock staff are trained to consult based on your foundry setup and goals for production, efficiency and quality. Through accredited suppliers we offer a variety of products to help you build a state-of-the-art investment casting foundry. Click each category below for more information, or contact us for a free consultation.

Buntrock provides a variety of batch and continuous furnaces for preheat, burnout, and dewax applications. The products in our catalog can guarantee temperature uniformity as low as +/- 50 F. Recuperative combustion systems are an optional add-on, reducing fuel consumption and emissions while providing increased oxygen levels at elevated temperatures. Oxygen control is also available to provide a cost competitive and reliable alternative to flash fire systems.

Buntrock offers melting furnaces powered by induction, gas or electrical resistance. Our induction melters can be manufactured to your specifications and can include furnaces, coils, water cooled power cables, water cooling and recirculating systems. They also come in huge capacities up to 5 tons, and are built to make maintenance and repairs easy.

Our electric, gas-fired and magnesium melting furnaces also present a variety of options, including heavy duty self-supporting power panels, uniform cylindrical heating chambers, micro processor-based temperature control, and multi-layered insulating systems.

Our product catalog includes remarkably durable and rugged box-style preheat furnaces. These furnaces have an operating Temperature of 2,150°F and a 1,650°F afterburner chamber.

Pusher furnaces offered by Buntrock provide a high degree of temperature uniformity, along with a temperature range of 1800°F – 2100°F. They also offer recuperative combustion systems and automated tray return conveyors.

After Cast

Whether your foundry’s output is raw castings or finished products, after cast processes like shell removal, blasting and grinding play a major role in determining your production capacity. We provide expertise to guide you in choosing the best after cast systems for your investment casting operation, working with respected and accredited suppliers. Click each category below for more information, or contact us for a free consultation.

Buntrock works with our suppliers to provide a number of shell removal options. These include manual blast cabinets utilizing simple, three-jaw clamping mechanisms, as well as automated options to significantly increase shell removal rates.

Buntrock also offers knockout equipment specifically engineered and custom manufactured to remove sand and ceramic.

The cutoff saws in our catalog are designed to maximize safety and productivity. We can work with you to customize cutoff equipment to match nearly any workstation layout and production requirement, even in cases where extended arm power saws or automatic saws may be desired.

We provide our customers with grinders that emphasize safety, efficiency and quality. Offering solutions for ingate removal all the way up to precision, 5-axis grinding with extremely tight tolerances, Buntrock can provide you with any grinding machine you may need.

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