Our full-service laboratory is just one of the advantages that set Buntrock Industries apart from other investment casting suppliers

All of our lab’s staff and procedures center around overcoming investment casting challenges. Whether you have a specific slurry issue that you want to resolve, or you’re not sure how to solve a recurring casting problem, our laboratory is designed to assist you.

The Buntrock laboratory’s capabilities include:

Customer Assistance

Slurry testing verification
General process control assistance
General process control identification
Troubleshooting and problem-solving

Research & Development

Development of new shell systems
Development of new slurries
Development of refractory blends
Development of binder blends
Development of additives

Slurry Testing

pH measuring
% SiO2 verification
Slurry density
Slurry total solids
Bacteria and mold determination
Surface tension
Viscosity testing
Plate weight

Shell Testing

Shell firing to 2100 F
MOR (room temperature to 2100 F)
Green and fired permeability
High temperature slump
Thermal expansion

Particle Characterization

Microtrac S3500 0.086-1408 µm particle size analyzer
Monosorb surface area analyzer
Stereo microscope 10X to 45X
Screen analysis of stuccoes
Buntrock laboratory testing procedures

Download our Laboratory Testing Procedures Binder

We also provide the tools and procedures necessary to run a number of tests independently. Download our Laboratory Testing Procedures binder for detailed instructions on 17 different tests

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