Buntrock Industries Profile in InCast Magazine

Buntrock Industries, Inc., which started as a distributor of shellbuilding products to the investment casting industry about 30 years ago, has developed, not only into a full-line distributor of products and equipment, but an industry innovator. The company already has several patents under its belt, and more are on the way.

Buntrock Industries Profile in InCast Magazine

The fact that Buntrock offers an extensive line of products and equipment for virtually every phase of the investment casting process is enough to make the company a standout in the industry. But the company has systematically merged technologies from various suppliers and sources and bundled products in a new and different way.

President and Owner Kermit Buntrock says each supplier is a piece of the picture– an expert in his arena– but not the whole picture…”a piece of the pie, but not the whole pie.”

“Certainly one of the keys to our success has been and remains the quality and attitude of our people,” Buntrock said. “Although we are a small business in terms of the number of employees, we are quite broad in terms of our geographic coverage, scope, and depth of our commitment to the investment casting industry. Because of the expertise of our vendors and the experience of our marketing people, we are able to take a holistic approach in working with and solving customers’ problems. This helps us to form a tight bond with our customers at numerous levels.”

Buntrock indicated a turning point in his business philosophy came several years ago when he completed an executive MBA program at The Colleg of william and Mary. “After finishing those business classes, I had a wake up call. I decided on a change in direction. We needed to be more than a seller of other people’s products,” he said.

“We are typically involved with multiple products,” he added. “The key to participating in this industry in the future is to become more efficient, to innovate and to process change.”

In an effort to make product lines more efficient, Buntrock began investing in its own research and development. “Our initial work was on shell technology; that’s were we started, and remains our major focus,” he said.

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