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MPI Wax Equipment

MPI offers the most sophisticated wax injection machines in the industry, generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour and increased productivity and throughput. Our Smart Process Control provides real time monitoring and control of all injection parameters and features an intuitive Windows based touch screen. Our wax conditioning technology maintains a constant wax viscosity which produces consistent wax patterns and our quick change technology allows you to change dies in just 60 seconds - minimizing transition times and maximizing throughput. All MPI systems come with our world class technical support and training.

MPI ceramic injection equipment is engineered specifically for operation with thick viscosity, abrasive mixtures used to produce ceramic cores, ceramic parts, and MIM (metal injection molding) patterns. They feature easy maintenance and fast material changeover. Precise temperature control prevents binder separation and a unique injection valve system reduces wear. They are designed to meet all your thermoplastic binder, abrasive material injection needs. An impressive list of standard features and a wide range of options are available. Our engineering support staff is prepared to help determine the configuration that will meet your needs and optimize your throughput.

MPI’s jewelry injection equipment sets the standard for the jewelry industry. Utilizing high-pressure metal mold technology, our new rubber and metal mold wax injector has significant advantages over other injection techniques, which dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of your wax patterns. We offer an impressive list of standard features and a wide range of options are available. Our engineering support staff is prepared to help determine the configuration that will meet your needs and optimize your throughput.

Improve the process control of your existing wax injection machine. This converts any wax injection machine from liquid to paste, increases wax pattern productivity an average of 100%.

Single Minute Exchange of Wax (SMEW) has finally arrived! MPI’s new removable wax-conditioning reservoir and docking station was designed for wax rooms with more than two waxes and will instantly reduce downtime while dramatically improving productivity. The system allows you to condition multiple waxes simultaneously. To change waxes, simply remove the reservoir on the wax injection machine, and quick-connect it to the docking station where it would remain fully conditioned and ready for next use. Place the next reservoir, which had been fully conditioned on the docking station to the injector, and get back to production. The universal docking station will work with all MPI removable reservoirs and you can utilize as many reservoirs and docking stations as your business requires.

The Model 20-14 is part of our intuitive Automated Pattern Assembly Systems and incorporates significant technological advancements as well as ten years of customer feedback. Every aspect of the system is more robust and capable than its predecessor. The 20-14 allows you the flexibility to perform high quality, precision robotic assemblies from the simplest commercial jobs to complex multi-piece wax assemblies required by the medical and aerospace industries including single crystal turbine blades.

For the first time in the industry there is a product that can duplicate and transfer the injection process from one wax injector to another by eliminating the injector’s personality. MPI's Model 20-20 is a portable wax injection graphing unit that measures, records, and displays wax temperature, wax flow, and wax pressure, allowing you to achieve press-to-press pattern repeatability. Once you verify that your process is within your control limits and the parameters for a good pattern are captured, the “recipe” can be used to quickly set-up the next run... on any wax injector, with predictable quality results.

All MPI machines are equipped with Smart System Process Controls providing state-of-the-art process control in a user-friendly environment. Our second-generation Windows-based injection control software has intuitive touch screen displays and eliminates the possibility of making an out-of-tolerance pattern. Smart System Process Controls consistently monitor and control all variables in real time against your pre-established baselines. That includes monitoring for injection temperature, injection flow, injection pressure, injection time and viscosity… resulting in patterns that are consistent and are of the highest quality. No one else even comes close.

MPI wax systems will optimize the control of your wax process from melting to pattern injection. Consistent wax patterns can only be achieved if there is a consistent supply of conditioned wax with a viscosity that is appropriate for the pattern. MPI believes that separating wax melting from wax conditioning is essential to maximizing control. That’s why MPI wax melters control two important variables – the wax melt temperature and the wax melt rate. MPI’s Wax Level Control accomplishes this by automatically and continuously replenishing the wax conditioning reservoir with small amounts of source wax. The MPI 5-zone Temperature Control System monitors and modulates wax temperature at 5 zones from two levels in the wax conditioning reservoir and MPI offers a wax purge cycle that recycles separated wax into the conditioning reservoir and replaces it with conditioned wax at the start of each injection cycle. This entire process is the foundation for creating pattern-to-pattern repeatability.

Other Wax Room Equipment

The HT-150 produces a high temperature, safe, clean controllable flame from micro-miniature to standard-sized work applications at an operating cost of pennies per hour. This unit provides high productivity and smooth wax welds with no undercuts.

Available in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 gallon sizes. Bottom Sweep blades and quick-opening, heated ball valves. Agitator motors are controlled by a manual switch with thermal overload protection.

Available in rectangle or round, equipped with a cover, pilot light and adjustable thermostat range of 150° to 550°. 1 pint to 50 gallon capacity.