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Shell Testing Equipment

Basic apparatus to monitor slurries quickly and accurately to insure proper control. Contains suggested procedure for measuring specific gravity.

Other Shell Room Equipment

Capacity: 30 gal to 800 gallon. Made of 304 stainless, all welded water tight. Reinforcing angle rings are welded around the top and bottom of the tank. Tank is bolted to the turn table for easy removal. Tank rotation speed is 30 RPM. "L" shaped mixing blades.

These custom molded fiberglass slurry mixing tanks are made by spray or vacuum lay-up techniques. They are sized from 50 gallons to 340 gallons and can be purchased with stands.

Portable, Fixed Mount Mixers available in a variety of sizes.

Hockmeyer has been a preeminent supplier of process mixing equipment for over thirty years. Satisfying the needs of coatings, adhesives and chemical products manufacturers has positioned Hockmeyer as a forerunning supplier of equipment that helps to produce quality, profitable products. The high speed disperser will mix a slurry ready for use in 30 minutes - start to finish!

Manufactured in two sections of all welded steel. A diffuser plate is a one piece permeable ceramic unit that is available in three different porosities. The air inlet port is sized to match the air supply piping which may be either low pressure blower or plant compressed air. Beds are also avialable as a complete operating system (including blower). Custom sizes and multiple stations are available.

Standard "overhang-design" blowers are sized for your fluidbed.

Breathe easy - a dust collection system can be your answer to three problems - Energy, OSHA and Labor Savings. Standard and custom units available.

This is a precision instrument for rapidly measuring viscosity with extreme accuracy. A vibrating sphere or cylinder is placed in a beaker containing the sample liquid; a viscosity measurement is taken in seconds. A wide range of viscosity can be measured from water-thin liquids to oils or liquid pattern waxes. The instrument automatically corrects for density and temperature. We have one of these instruments in our Portland, OR, lab; it is so accurate and sensitive that we can measure the change in viscosity as colloidal silica ages in a closed drum.