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A cobalt aluminate composition which has been prepared at temperatures above 1350° C. to ensure thermal stability. After calcination the product is water-ground and sieved to produce a fine powder easily dispersible in aqueous suspensions.

Starblast abrasive sand is a premium loose abrasive made from a blend of course and fine staurolite sands. The material is scrubbed and chemically washed to ensure freedom from dirt, dust, and ultra-fines. Grains are uniformly sized and have clean, rounded surfaces. Starblast offers excellent blast cleaning at a fraction of the cost of aluminum oxide.

TECO-SIL is Electrically fused high purity silica produced at C-E Minerals Greeneville, Tennessee fusion and processing facility.

C-E Minerals Fused White Alumina is produced by fusing calcined alumina in an electric arc furnace under carefully controlled conditions. The material produced is white in color, dense and has predominately large crystals of Alpha Alumina. Ingots are crushed, ground and precision sized at our plant in Andersonville, Georgia. This process ensures a very consistent sizing.

T-1064 is a specifically sized, high density tabular alumina product exhibiting low porosity, resistance to chemical attack, resistance to thermal shock, high mechanical strength, extreme hardness, and excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. Flours are available from Mulcoa plant in Andersonville GA.

MULGRAIN grains and flours are produced from custom calcined Mulcoa aggregates that are precisely sized through a series of screens, and custom blended to obtain a series of coarse to fine sizes. During screening the grains are de-dusted to ensure a virtually dust free stucco.

Molochite is an Alumino-Silicate specifically designed to be used as Flour and Stucco in the production of Investment Casting ceramic molds. Molochite is obtained from specially selected kaolins from the Cornwall area (UK), through a tunnel calcination process taking several days at temperatures reaching 1525 degrees C. This produces an evenly calcined, consistent refractory with low Titanium and Iron Oxide content which are uniformly distributed.

Buntrock Industries sells only domestic (USA) mined zircon which is fully calcined and specially lot selected for our customers. A recently upgraded and expanded state-of-the-art laboratory, coupled with a six sigma commitment to quality has allowed our processor, Continental Minerals, to grow with the Investment Casting Industry. Premium grade zircon flour produced with unique particle size processing equipment is successfully used by both areospace and commercial investment casting facilities.

Buntrock Industries custom blends these high temperature refractories to control particle size distribution and assure optimum performance in face coat slurries for reactive alloys. Our Technology Lab, located in Portland, Oregon, specializes in formulating slurry systems for use in high temperature and reactive alloy applications.

Our zirconia products are fused and stabilized to provide excellent casting results with reactive alloys such as titanium.

BI Premium Alumina is a very pure alumina developed for critical applications such as an intermediate slurry dip for casting of Titanium or other reactive metals.

Thermafrax is a special high alumina blend suitable for d.s. and single crystal casting; this material can be used to replace zircon for this application with improved high temperature performance.

Specially formulated to work with Buntrock Industries' patented "Quick-Set Binder Process".

BI Fiber Enhanced Refractories

The use of fiber and refractory for investment casting slurries is covered by a number of Buntrock patents. The fiber benefits shell construction by reinforcing corners and adding permeability during shell firing. Since coats are thicker and more uniform, shell dips can be eliminated to improve foundry throughput. Systems have been developed for both fused silica and alumina-silicate shell construction.

Carbon Stucco 5203 is a specially calcined coke produced to yield a granular, dust free intermediate stucco. It is produced exclusively for Buntrock Industries for investment casting use. Typically applied as the third stucco coat during shell construction, Carbon Stucco is an effective oxygen scavenger and can reduce chrome pitting and metal surface spotting on troublesome alloys such as 17-4, 400 series stainless, and some of the carbon steels. Several customers have been able to eliminate the practice of "canning molds" after pouring through the use of Carbon Stucco.