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Dewaxing Equipment

Complete system includes boiler, wet accumulator, condensate return system, blow down separator, autoclave, pressurizable jacket, hydraulic locking door with push button controls. System comes factory piped, ASME Safety Code approved, fully insulated and mounted on heavy duty skid.

Boilers are sized for rapid, under 6 seconds, pressurization of autoclaves. ASME Code built, fully packaged UL boiler with 5 year warranty.

Modern investment casting processes are based on so-called steam autoclaves in order to remove the wax quickly and gently. Only the highly energized saturated steam with a temperature of 178 ° C guarantees the melting of the wax at the surface before it can expand and damage the mold. When designing the MK autoclaves, highest priority was therefore set on a quick and regular steam injection - the pressure of 8 bar is reached within 3 to 4 seconds, depending on the size of the autoclave. A popular option for MD Autoclave systems is a special energy recovery heat exchanger. This pre-heats the boiler feed water and cuts boiler energy consumption by 30% or more.


Armil CFS designs and builds both batch and continuous furnaces for leaders in the investment casting industry. Armil CFS furnaces perform preheat, burnout, and dewax functions. All Armil CFS furnaces are manufactured using a heavy duty steel construction for years of trouble free service. Modern combustion and control systems allow for tight operating parameters. Dewax and burn out furnaces utilize efficient afterburners for clean operation. Armil CFS furnaces are available with recuperative combustion systems designed to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and provide increased oxygen levels at elevated temperatures. Oxygen control is also available to provide a cost competitive and reliable alternative to flash fire systems. Some Armil CFS furnaces are manufactured with Integral Incineration. Armil CFS Integral Incineration furnaces do not require additional afterburners. Preheat pusher style furnaces can also utilize load recuperation to improve fuel efficiency. Standard models burn out to 2,000 degrees F and custom models have higher oxygen levels and burn out to 2,200 degrees F. Pusher style also available with heat recuperation.

Melting Furnaces

Manufactured to your specifications and applications: induction furnaces, coils, water cooled power cables (including vacuum plug type), water cooling and recirculating systems. Rebuild, repair or modify to your needs: solid state and motor generator power supplies, water cooled power cables, induction furnaces and coils.


For over a quarter century Thermtronix has maintained a single focus on aluminum melting. We are a recognized worldwide leader in energy efficient, high performance, solid state electric and gas fired aluminum melting and holding furnaces for the foundry and die casting industries. Thermtronix enjoys one of our industries highest rates of repeat sales. The reason is simple, satisfied customers. Look around, from the world's largest automotive manufacturers to the smallest job shops. You will not need to look far to find a Thermtronix Furnace.