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AW Bell Machinery

The new standard in ingate removal, the RGS programmable plunge type grinder with adjustable rise & fall action is the ideal machine for ingate removal on investment castings. The RGS Series of grinders are available in the RGS430, RGS450 and RGS460 possessing a 30, 50 and 60Hp motor respectively.

The RGS230 provides accuracy up to 0.1mm on grinding tolerance and uses continuous motion, allowing the operator to load the machine at the same time as grinding. The totally enclosed fan cooled 30 HP (22 kW) drive motor is designed to remove up to 1 sq. in. (645 sq. mm) of ingate at one time.

Developed primarily to provide a profiled finished surface finish, the PGS850 also has the power to remove significant flash and part lines and is highly suited to both investment casting and sand casting foundries. The hydraulic drive system gives the benefit of allowing fast starting and stopping of the belt as well as additional flexibility to change out the contact wheel to different sizes. Both internal and external profiles can be linished, with an internal minimum radius of 40mm easily achieved.

A fully programmable reciprocating bed type grinder with programmable loading height makes this machine ideal for ingate removal on larger investment castings. This machine is the latest in Bi-directional grinding. It offers extremely low cycle times and an affordable alternative to manual grinding for large jobs. The machine is simple to operate and offers high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Working on its own or as a companion to the RGS430, the MGS34 offers exceptional performance in manual grinding operations. The MGS34 provides significant advantages in ergonomics and safety compared to traditional hand grinding machines, and incorporates belt technology for improved efficiency and productivity. Abrasive belts are economical to use and offer a wide working area. Most foundries have a misconception that belt grinding is more expensive than using abrasive wheels. Common abrasive belt size allows new belts to be used first on the MGS 34 and then transferred to the RGS 430. The power grinding of the RGS 430 re-sharpens the abrasive (leading to improved life of the belt).