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Shell Removal Equipment

AW Bell Machinery

The manual cabinet is the ultimate in waterblast flexibility. Utilising a simple, three jaw clamping mechanism, loading and unloading times are reduced. Suitable for complete shell removal or for precise feature cleaning, the WBS500 delivers the flexibilty of waterblast with the safety of a fully enclosed blasting cabinet.

The WBS750 combines the fine finishing capability of the WBS500 with the high shell removal rates of an automated nozzle. All in a single chamber the WBS750 enables the majority of shell material to be removed in a programmed, automatic 'hands-off' cycle. The operator then takes over with the manual blast nozzle to finish clean those harder to reach spots, all without removing the tree from the clamped position.


Since 1957. Specifically engineered and custom manufactured to remove sand and ceramic. Vertical or horizontal with optional sound cabinet. Precision sized, rugged construction for long foundry life. Independently controlled clamping feature. Replacement parts shipped same day.

Magnus Equipment

Magnus Equipment is a world leader in design and manufacture of standard and customized systems for gross cleaning and critical cleaning of precision parts. The systems can process loads from 10 pounds to 2200 pounds. In conjunction with Buntrock Industries, Magnus is offering a new technology for cleaning ceramic shell for immersion agitation and continuous filtration. Cleaning efficiencies are improved dramatically and the unique continuous filtration technology significantly reduces waste handling.


Abrasive blast cleaning equipment including portable blast pots, pressure blast cabinets, siphon blast cabinets, airblast tumblers, blast rooms, automated blast systems, airless wheelblast machines and safety equipment. Kelco Sales and Engineering has more than 100 years experience in the engineering and manufacturing of abrasive blast cleaning machines and is a leading pioneer in the field. These blast cleaning machines are advanced in design and unmatched in quality and performance.

Cutoff Equipment

AW Bell Machinery

The MPS Series of power saws offers the best aspects of performance, control and safety currently available in a manually operated cut-off machine. A large cutting area envelope and moving the wheel to the work piece allows for simple work piece clamping. Responsive 4-axis control means that the operator can adapt to variations in both casting and positioning irregularities. The manipulator arm and cutting module can be supplied on either the left or right side of the base frame. This allows greater flexibility when planning for plant layout and also allows for two machines to be placed side by side. Two models are available, the standard MPS and the MPS EA, an extended arm version which delivers a greatly increased working envelope idealy suited to foundries producing larger castings. Standard configuration for both models is 40 HP, fitted with a 20" cutting wheel, however 30HP, 50HP and cutting wheels from 12" up to 24" can easily be accomodated.

Hydraulic operated three jaw power clamp. A perfect companion for the MPS30 and MPS40 - manual cut off machines. The clamp utilises the pouring cup of the investment casting runner tree, and can be designed to suit a wide range of cup sizes. Once clamped the operator then has the ability to rotate the tree 360 Degrees to allow for quick and easy alignment of cut as well as adjustment of the tree for consecutive cuts with out releasing the clamped jaws. Once the correct position has been found a hydraulic brake ensures location is kept while cutting. The PCS20 is easily integrated into the hydraulic system of an MPS30 or MPS40 or if required sold with its own independent hydraulic power supply.

A fully programmable abrasive wheel cut-off machine that utilises a 20"- 24" (500mm-600mm) abrasive wheel. The ACS 775 is designed to use standard 3-5 bar flat runner or square investment casting trees with minimal modifications.


The finest name in abrasive cut-off, these machines are rugged and built to last for years.

For over one hundred years the Tannewitz name has stood for superior quality saws. From the 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility Tannewitz Corporation manufactures both standard and custom band saws to meet the most diverse requirements. Tannewitz saws are engineered for performance and reliability.

For over one hundred years the Tannewitz name has stood for superior quality saws. From the 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility, both standard and custom band saws are manufactured to meet the most diverse requirements. Tannewitz saws are engineered for performance and reliability.